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Gonzaga vs North Carolina – Live Stream Game, North Carolina vs Gonzaga Live/ Unc  Mans Basketball, Gonzaga Basketball. Unc Vs Gonzaga fight Did you sleep last night? Did you pinch yourself when you woke up this morning? This whole thing has seemed like some strange fever dream, but it is reality. Tonight, the Gonzaga Bulldogs will face the North Carolina Tar Heels in the 2017 NCAA Championship game. Tonight, someone will go home a winner, and someone will go home an almost winner. The billing has somehow turned into David vs. Goliath, when in reality it should be Goliath vs. some other large monster also named Goliath.

It has been a run for the Gonzaga Bulldogs, and it has finally captured the nation’s attention. Now, with everyone watching, we can really show the world what it means to be a Zag. The 2017 Final Four begins on Saturday, April 1, with Gonzaga facing South Carolina in the early game at University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, Arizona.

The Bulldogs (36-1) are the champions of the West Regional, and in the Final Four for the first time. The Gamecocks (26-10), also in the Final Four for the first time, are the champions of the East Regional.

CBS will broadcast the game beginning at 5:09 p.m. Central (6:09 p.m. Eastern). For live streaming information, see below.

The Gonzaga-South Carolina meets the North Carolina-Oregon game for the national championship on Monday.


Gonzaga is in its first Final Four but the Zags had knocked on the door a few times. South Carolina, meanwhile, enters its first Final Four having never been close to this deep a run.

The Gamecocks reached their first national semifinals the same season they reached their first Sweet 16, coming in as the seventh seed from the East.

South Carolina guard Duane Notice said his team’s run is no surprise.

“Everybody’s always picking against us,” Notice said Sunday after his team beat fourth-seeded Florida 77-70 at Madison Square Garden. “We’re focused as a team, we’re focused on the next game ahead every time. The way we play defense, you can put any school – big or small – against us.”

They were a slight favorite against Marquette in the opening round but were a decided underdog against second-seeded Duke in the round of 32.

That was the first of three games where the Gamecocks, who will face Gonzaga in the Final Four, showed their mettle.

“We’re not going to settle for this and we still feel, like, we got one more game,” regional MVP Sindarius Thornwell said with one of the nets draped around his neck. “We’re still going into that game thinking we can win. Why not? Why not us? Why not go win it all?”

If Thornwell keeps playing like the SEC player of the year as voted by the coaches, anything might be possible. He is averaging 25.8 points in the tournament and he has come up with every big play the Gamecocks have needed as they have rallied from three halftime deficits during their run.

“That’s why we’re sitting here right now, because they don’t pay attention to that nonsense,” coach Frank Martin said of the non-believers. “They believe in each other. They’re completely invested into each other. Not winning. Each other, which then allows you to win. And they’re powerful kids, man, powerful kids.”

They have been powerful enough to take South Carolina to its first Final Four. And then we’ll see what happens.

“These last two weeks, when we got our name in, (Martin) said we been listening to him all season and don’t stop now because we got our name on the board,” Thornwell said. “So when he said that, we all locked in and didn’t listen to any outsiders, didn’t listen to anybody else but Coach.

” We trusted in him in everything,” Thornwell said. “We had this thing where don’t let go of the rope, no matter what happens, no matter the outcome of anything, don’t let go of that rope.”

Mid-Major Madness has made it all the way to the end, and what an ending it will be.

1 seeds North Carolina Tar Heels (32-7) and Gonzaga Bulldogs (38-1) will face off Monday night in Phoenix for all the spoils. They’re two powerhouse programs that couldn’t be more different, both now and historically.

Gonzaga advanced to its first Final Four this season, while no team has been to more than North Carolina, who has gone 20 times. This is the Tar Heels’ 11th trip to the title game. They’re arguably the greatest program in college basketball history. Relatively speaking, Gonzaga is an up-and-comer.

But this season, the Bulldogs are the top dog.

Ranked No. 1 in KenPom since mid-January, the Zags have been the best team in college basketball this year. Mark Few’s team plays defense better than anybody in America, holding opponents to a paltry 0.868 points per possession. The cohesive team defense limits good looks at the basket both inside and out.

College basketball fans of Kansas, Villanova, Kentucky, Duke and a very few other teams might not agree, but Monday night’s NCAA men’s basketball championship matchup between North Carolina and Gonzaga arguably features the two-best teams in the land.

North Carolina plays the role of bully. The Tar Heels are going for their sixth NCAA championship. They’re loaded with former blue-chip recruits. They’re accustomed to playing in prime time before huge crowds (averaged 18,067 per home game and 16,006 overall this season). The Atlantic Coast Conference is generally considered the best of them all.

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